Welcome To Our Nest!

A few years ago we decided that the modern rat-race world wasn’t for us, and we needed a new direction. A simpler life! We are both old souls at heart and love the vintage methods of our ancestors. So a few changes later, along with some amazing blessings, we were able to start our new way of life. Learning more about living off the land, growing our own food, raising livestock, and being more self-sufficient has become our shared motivation. At the time the changes sounded a bit crazy, but we couldn’t be happier. We now have a very small farm of 20 or so chickens, Coturnix Quail, 4 loveable ducks, and an adorable Guinea Pig. We love our adventures and are so happy to share these adventures with all of you! Our shop is a place for us to share and celebrate our finds and creations with all of you! We hope enjoy shopping the Our Wren's Nest Shop! Be sure to follow our homesteading adventures over at ourwrensnest.com!