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3D Printed Flower Frog Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Mason Jar

3D Printed Flower Frog Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Mason Jar

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Easily display your garden flowers, and herb cuttings with our 3D Printed Flower Frog Lid! Inspired by vintage Flower Frogs! Our Flower Frog Lid fits on top of any wide-mouth mason jar, no ring needed! This lid does not screw on, but it sits nicely in place, holding your flowers securely, but easy to remove as needed. This Flower Frog Lid will hold your flowers/cuttings in a beautiful arrangement, keeping the flowers/cuttings from falling into the water. 

•  Each Flower Frog Lid has 9 holes that are .5", and 4 that are .25". Plenty of space to make a wonderful arrangement! The Flower Frog Lid is about 3.75" wide and .75" tall, made durable to last for many garden seasons to come. 
• Currently we are offering the Flower Frog Lid in the bright green pictured above. If you would like a custom color, drop us a message, we are so happy to help!
•  Our Flower Frog Lids have a slight texture on top. This is due to them being 3D printed with love, and the texture gives your Flower Frog Lid character! 
• All Flower Frog Lids ship in 1-3 business days. 

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