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3D Printed Mason Jar Basket Hydroponics Lid Set of 2 - Grow Kit - Kratky Jar - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid

3D Printed Mason Jar Basket Hydroponics Lid Set of 2 - Grow Kit - Kratky Jar - Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid

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Lids or Growing Kit?

Be sure to read our description for all the details below! ☺

Grow some great veggies, herbs, and more using a wide-mouth mason jar, our hydroponic mason jar lid, and a 2" hydroponic grow basket. This 3D printed lid fits on top of any wide-mouth mason jar. Use a wide-mouth mason jar ring to secure the lids into place (ring, seeds, and jar not included).

We have 2 options available for purchase:

• 3D printed lids only (2 lids)
• Mason Jar Hydroponic Grow Kit which includes 2 lids (3D printed), 2 grow baskets(not 3D printed), 2 grow sponges (may look slightly different than photo above), and a bag of clay Leca pellets (about 25 pellets total).

Notes from Our Wren's Nest:

• Our lids have been designed to fit a 2" grow basket with just slight wiggle room, allowing you to easily take the basket in and out as needed for root trimming, etc.
• The lid is around 1/16 inch thick, thin but very durable. Your mason jar ring will fit nice and snug.
• Currently we are offering the Mason Jar Hydroponics Lid in matte light olive green (as in the photos above).
• Our Mason Jar Hydroponics Lids have a slight texture on top. This is due to them being 3D printed with love, and the texture gives your lid character!
~ When growing in a mason jar, you are following the Kratky method of growing. It is suggested to use a mason jar that is darker in color or cover with a covering such as a sock. Your jar will require proper fertilizer as well for the best results. Such a fun way to grow without using a ton of electricity!
• All 3D printed Mason Jar Basket Hydroponics Lids ship in 1-3 business days.

All our Lids are 3D printed with love using PLA. PLA is an eco-friendly plant-based biodegradable renewable material. Please note PLA is sensitive to very high temperatures. If your lid becomes dirty, simply give them a quick wash in warm water, and they will be good as new!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we love to chat!

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