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3D Printed Articulating Colorshift Flexi Happy Snake

3D Printed Articulating Colorshift Flexi Happy Snake

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This snake is so happy and loves to cuddle! Our happy snakes feature amazing smooth articulation and durable connections for lots of adventures! This snake is an impressive 29.5" long (at its thickest point it is an inch). Such a fun gift and makes a great desk sitter, decoration, toy, and more!

All happy snakes are 3D printed with love using a color shift PLA, depending the light the color will range from purple to teal, so very pretty! PLA is an eco-friendly plant-based biodegradable renewable material. Please note PLA is sensitive to very high temperatures, and you want to keep your frog away from high heat or direct sun. The eyes are hand painted, and sealed to last a long time!

Since these happy snakes are 3D printed, every one has its own look, and no two are alike. The snakes will feel textured as they are 3D printed, and you may see a bump or two on the surface. That is what gives it amazing character!

~~Thank you ZOU3D for the amazing design, and we are authorized sellers of their designs. :) ~~

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