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3D Printed Custom Designed Cookie Cutter and Stamps

3D Printed Custom Designed Cookie Cutter and Stamps

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Please be sure to message us at your desired design before placing an order. ☺

Have a special design you would like as a cookie-cutter? We are here to help! We offer a standard (outline of a design) cookie cutter, a detailed stamp (no outline), and a cookie-cutter w/stamp set.

We ask that you send an image of the design you would like before purchasing. We will make you a quick rendering of your cookie cutter for you to review, and work through any questions with the design. After the design is ok'd you can purchase the listing, and we will get to printing your awesome design! When choosing a design for a cookie cutter, thicker lines always look better when 3D printed, as well as wider spaced lines but we can definitely help your cookie cutter vision come true! We do offer a thinner blade option but be mindful it can be more fragile.

• Our cookie cutters come in various sizes and are made for dough that is 1/4" thick. The actual cutting portion of the cookie-cutter measures 1/2". If you need a thicker blade, just let us know. All cutters are measured by the widest part of the design. Our stamps are about 1/4" thick to make imprinting even easier!
• Each cutter is designed with an extra "blade" edge to help produce nice cut edges. An additional bar on the cookie-cutter is to help ensure your cookie cutter is durable. Depending on the size of your cutter, a bar may or may not be added.
• We are now printing in both gray with speckles, and white - your cookie cutter color may vary. (need a custom color, let us know!)
• All cookie cutters ship in 2-3 business days (unless otherwise noted)
• Choose the size of cutter you would like to receive. Depending on the design, the cookie-cutter can be measured horizontally or vertically. If a size you would like is not listed, let us know! 9" is currently the largest cutter we can print. :)
• All of our cookie cutters are hand-drawn and designed by us before printing. Due to the nature of 3D printing you may see slight bumps on the print, slightly rounded edges, etc - this is what makes the custom cookie cutters unique.

All our cookie cutters are 3D printed with love using PLA. PLA is an eco-friendly plant-based biodegradable renewable material. Please note PLA is sensitive to very high temperatures, and you will need to hand wash your cookie cutter with warm water. These are not dishwasher safe. Use a small brush to brush off any extra dough that may stick to the cookie cutter. After cleaning, store in a plastic bag away from metal cutters and your cutters will last a long time!

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