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3D Printed Pet Chicken - Articulating, Flexi Toy, 3 Sizes Available

3D Printed Pet Chicken - Articulating, Flexi Toy, 3 Sizes Available

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Chicken Size

Collect some chicken friends! Our chickens articulate with movement in their body and wings. They don't eat much and you don't have to clean the coop like regular chickens!

We offer our 3D printed Chicken friends in 3 size - Bantam (about 1.5 inches tall and wide), Standard (about 2.25 inches tall and wide). and Large Breed (about 3 inches tall and wide). Choose your favorite size at checkout.

All chickens are 3D printed with love using a matte white PLA (more colors coming soon) with colorful comb, beak, and eye accents. PLA is an eco-friendly plant-based biodegradable renewable material. Please note PLA is sensitive to very high temperatures, and you want to keep your chickens away from high heat or direct sun.

Since these chickens are 3D printed, every one has its own look, and no two are alike. The cheery chickens will feel textured as they are 3D printed, and you may see a bump or two on the surface. That is what gives it amazing character!

Please allow 1-3 days for printing and shipment of your order.

Have any questions or would like a custom order? Need some chickens in bulk? Feel free to message us, we love to chat!

~~Thank you ZOU3D for the amazing design, and we are authorized sellers of their designs. :) ~~

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