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3D Printed "Save Your Garlic" Garlic Plant Marker

3D Printed "Save Your Garlic" Garlic Plant Marker

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Our "Save Your Garlic" plant marker is 6" tall, and about 1/4" thick. Made tough to withstand all the different seasons! From arctic winters to the blazing sun of the hottest summers these planter markers are built strong with quality material for long life in your garden. Choose your favorite color for your plant marker at checkout.

Why is this called the "Save Your Garlic" plant marker? One season we planted garlic, and totally forgot. Sadly we tilled up our garlic! EEK! For our next season, we decided to make these great plant markers, and they have been wonderful. All garlic has been saved!

~ Our "Save Your Garlic" plant marker has a slight texture on top. This is due to them being 3D printed with love, and the texture gives your marker character!
~ All "Save Your Garlic" plant markers ship in 1-3 business days.

All our "Save Your Garlic" plant markers are 3D printed with love using PLA. PLA is an eco-friendly plant-based biodegradable renewable material. Please note PLA is sensitive to very high temperatures (over 300 degrees F).

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