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3D Printed Tulip with Stamp Cookie Cutter Set

3D Printed Tulip with Stamp Cookie Cutter Set

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Tulips are such wonderful flowers, a great sign of Spring! 

• Each set comes with a cookie cutter to cut the outer shape, and a stamp to add detail to your cookie before baking!
• Our cookie cutters with stamps come in various sizes and are made for dough that is 1/4" thick. The actual cutting portion of the cookie-cutter measures 1/2" (please let us know if you would like a different blade depth). All cutters are measured by the widest part of the design. Our stamps are about 1/4" thick to make imprinting even easier!
• Each cutter is designed with an extra "blade" edge to help produce nice cut edges. Standard is for most cookie doughs, extra sharp blade is for cookie dough, and clay.
• We print in both gray with speckles, and white - your cookie cutter color may vary.
• All cookie cutters ship in 1-3 business days.
• Quick tip - Give your stamp a good press into the dough, about halfway. If you have any sticking, sprinkle a little flour on your stamp before pressing.

All our cookie cutters are 3D printed with love using PLA. PLA is an eco-friendly plant-based biodegradable renewable material. Please note PLA is sensitive to very high temperatures, and you will need to hand wash your cookie cutter with warm water. These are not dishwasher safe. Use a small brush to brush off any extra dough that may stick to the cookie cutter. After cleaning, store in a plastic bag away from metal cutters and your cutters will last a long time!

Our cookie cutters are hand-drawn and designed by Our Wren's Nest Farm Shop before printing. Remember due to the nature of 3D printing you may see slight bumps on the print, this is what makes them unique and special!

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